studioHPO is a 3D visualisation company based in Italy and Norway, specialized in production of animations, rendering images and storyboards for architecture, advertising, corporate marketing and educational purposes.

We bring life to your projects with VR/AR, motion graphics videos, photorealistic renderings, storyboards and tridimensional animation. Furthermore, we offer a photography service that can be used in constructing a project in 3D or documenting a completed project. Let us help you visualize your dream in a simple and engaging way!

Giuliano Bora created StudioHPO in 2005.
Has longtime experience in the field of 3D, VR/AR, animations, photography and post production.
He has worked for several advertising agencies, events, and architectural companies for tridimensional visualization. Lives and works between Milan and Oslo, his favorite city.

Collaborators: Martin Conradi
Is a 3D animator, drawer, textwriter and character designer.
Has studied philosophy and is passionate about language and everything concerning animation.